DevOps is a set of best practices and cultural changes that allow development, quality assurance, and operations to better meet customer needs. This integrated team approach facilitates communication, collaboration, and integration to manage today’s rapidly changing business demands.

DevOps helps your organization to bring together the key stakeholders (business, apps, and ops) by focusing on collaboration, automation, and monitoring, resulting in improved application release velocity with quality.

TechnoLava DevOps professionals recommend that you begin your DevOps journey by focusing on four keys to a successful DevOps implementation.

1.    Assess your DevOps strategy.
2.    Identify the DevOps maturity of your core development and IT operations processes.
3.    Adopt and implement change to improve velocity.
4.    Measure progress and plan your next improvement.

Effective IT Service Management is built on integrating people, processes, and technology into a well-designed system based on best industry practices. The goal is to achieve efficient and effective IT operations by standardizing tools and integrating service and delivery processes. To accomplish this, TechnoLava works closely with clients to identify existing gaps in their Service Management capabilities.

TechnoLava professionals can assist you to go from the theory in the ITIL books to the practice of implementing an IT Service Management Solution. Utilizing the ITIL/ITSM framework, we work to meld people, process, and tools to continue to meet and exceed customer expectations. The ITIL philosophy adopts a process driven approach that is scalable to fit both large and small IT organizations and may be implemented in a phased approach to meet the requirements of the organization.