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June 21 -22, 2016 – Chicago, Il

TechnoLava is excited to annouce the Kepner-Tregoe Courses & Certification. This course introduces a systematic approach to troubleshooting and resolving customer issues faster and more effectively for improved customer satisfaction.

No more “trial and error”. Structured critical thinking techniques help organizations to make better decisions and proactively analyze and avoid problems.

Cited as a Best Practice by ITIL®

The Kepner-Tregoe methodology is recommended by ITIL as a best practice for problem analysis in their official Service Operation publication. The foundation course introduces the learner to a set of thinking methods that enable effective and efficient troubleshooting in Incident- and Problem Management. Thorough examination of the thinking methods taught will equip the learner with tools that can be applied immediately upon return to work.

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I really got a lot out of the KT Foundation course. It goes way beyond most other methodologies at the foundation level in terms of providing practical application of the body of knowledge. The Donut Machine case study is very well designed and shows how easy it is to come to false conclusions when looking for the source of problems in complex systems when you don’t apply such a structured approach to solving them. My experience and observations in the real world reinforces the fact that unstructured Problem Analysis really hurts the bottom line in most organizations. I would recommend the KT Foundation course to anyone who is interested to improve the quality of service and save cost.   James DossFounder and Managing Director, SIAM Solutions, Ltd, UK

I like the KT Foundation course, because it offers a methodology that is precise and to the point. It gives you a different perspective on tackling problems. You can easily apply the KT methodology in IT organizations to grow beyond the “What” to the “How”, and achieve concrete results. This is a course that has strategic value to senior IT professionals looking to make the change stick. Maurice van den DriesscheSenior Solution Architect, easyITSM Europe B.V.