Beyond Help Desk and Service Management processes, ServiceNow is built to be a productivity tool for all types of business users—the CIO, service desk staff, application developers, IT finance, IT operations and business leads.

ServiceNow applications are built on a single platform-as-a-service which offers a consistent and intuitive user experience through the entire IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) service lifecycle.

Built on ITIL v3—Designed for flexibility.

The ServiceNow Service Desk cloud service is powerfully simple, highly social and available through any browser. Built on the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), it provides the freedom to completely configure the application and the changes made are preserved through all automated upgrades.

IT service built for today’s employees and customers.

Business people get information from Google, they communicate using Skype, and they book travel through websites like Expedia. Unfortunately, the customer service and support tools that most IT organizations offer resemble something from another era. ServiceNow provides the bridge to the next generation.

ServiceNow redefined the service desk with intuitive usability, flexibility and the introduction of social IT. Features like Chat and Live Help make your staff more productive and collaborative while your support costs are reduced.

Combining social IT and self-help features offers your employees a simple and familiar way to request goods and services from IT. You can empower your user population to answer common support questions, accessing knowledge articles for immediate answers. And if they need something from IT, they can open a quick chat session or make a request in a fashion similar to the way they make online purchases.

ServiceNow was “born in the cloud” and manages everything in your infrastructure—physical, virtual and cloud services—together in a single system of record.

World-class IT service makes it easy for business users to get what they need in a familiar way and ServiceNow gets you there.


The first stage in the ServiceNow journey for most companies is the replacement of a legacy toolset. Whether this is taken as an opportunity to refresh business processes and increase functionality, or just a like-for-like replacement, it is essential for this project to be as low-risk as possible and for the benefits of ServiceNow to be realized as quickly as possible.

Experienced TechnoLava implementation consultants will work your organization to map out your existing processes and see how they fit into the ServiceNow landscape; clients are often surprised to find that their processes can be improved, refocused, and enhanced in ways their previous systems would not have allowed for. Only after building a solid process and set of requirements will the applications be developed. Our focus is to implement the ITIL processes concisely and in a supportable and sustainable manner.



ServiceNow is much more than a world class IT Management System; it is also a solid development platform upon which you can build your organization’s other processes and applications. Out of box platform features such as approvals, email notifications, and extensive integration points mean your resources will spend more time building the core application and less time building the plumbing.

There are many options for having a custom application built. TechnoLava works with a focus on building applications that work as intended, your people are happy to use, and provide the true business value you expect from your investment. Similar to an ITIL implementation, we will work with you to gather your requirements, achieve signoff from key stakeholders, and provide a solid application for your needs.


Your organization has many other applications that support your internal processes and core business, many of which have relationships with processes built in your ServiceNow environment. While the ServiceNow platform provides numerous means for integrating with other systems, it isn’t always trivial or obvious to build these integrations. TechnoLava has integration specialists who can tie your systems together in an effective and supportable manner. There are often many ways to tie disparate systems together, but the correct solution is not always obvious.


We understand that one of the challenges organizations occasionally face in supporting ServiceNow is finding a support team of appropriately skilled resources to manage the system on a day-to-day basis.

Our Remote Administration service provides organizations with the ability to free up valuable resources to focus on other, more pertinent, business challenges. Need temporary coverage for a System Administrator? Or is your System Administration team engaged with projects elsewhere? By providing this service on a flexible and on-demand basis, we can flex our support service to match your support requirements.

Some of the more common tasks that our Remote Administration team typically works on are as follows:

  • Enhancement requests
  • Regular maintenance
  • Creation of report modifications
  • Service Catalog item maintenance
  • Business Rule, UI or form modifications
  • User administration
  • Instance upgrades
  • Integration issues